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Capturing the special moments in life is incredibly important, as photographs allow us to remember the nuances and emotions of the past. Your wedding photography should reflect the deep love and passion that brought you together, documenting every emotion that lights up your day. I would be honored to help you in this task.

Making every picture tell your story!

A few favourite stories

However, I do love them all!

Frida & Jens

Frösön Jämtland

Sofia & Leif

ÖTTSJÖ Jämtland

Lisa & David

Krykås Jämtland

Elizabeth & Steve


Steffan & Stina

Haverö Jämtland

Sara & Gustav


Natalie Salomons

Östersund & JÄmtland Sweden Wedding Photographer

Photographing the special moments in our lives, documenting the time that passes is so important. For today. For tomorrow. Photographs are a way we can remember yesterday… the small nuances, moments and feelings that have passed: the day we married our best friend, our children as in at two, five and ten, the beauty of our family at that moment in time. So take photos. Take many photos. I would be honoured if I could help you in that task.

Families, couples and children

Capturing all the important memories!

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As a wedding photographer in Östersund, Jämtland Sweden, I have been capturing love stories since 2009, I’ve photographed over 150 weddings with a fun, light, and authentic style. Specializing in Scandinavian weddings, I bring the magic of the forest and mountains to life in every shot. Let’s create unforgettable memories together! 💍✨📸 #WeddingPhotographer #ScandinavianWeddings #LoveInTheMountains