Great to meet you. My name is Natalie. 

As a globetrotter I have lived in 3 countries and visited most countries in the EU. Born in South Africa and grew up in Canada, I now reside in Sweden and have been here for nearly 20 years.

I fell in love with photography in my early twenties. My father gave me an old Zenith film camera. And there my journey into light and shadows began.

My husband and I were married in South Africa and looking for a wedding photographer introduced me to wedding photography and I was in love. I loved the emotion, the beauty and the memories encapsulated in wedding photos. 

I have since been photographing weddings since 2009 and have in that time photographed over 100 weddings. I loved it then and still feel the excitement when a wedding date approaches.

I started photographing portraits with the birth of my children. To capture and encapsulate the memories of their milestones I felt was so important. I love looking back at the photos and remembering them when they were younger.

Weddings are a record event in any love story. Documenting authentic moments of couples and their family's reunion fascinates and excites me over and over again.

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